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Tree management | Tree removal across North Wales, Wirral and Cheshire

With over 12 years' experience, Treetech is the best tree surgeon specialists throughout North Wales, Chester and Wrexham.

As a small, local, family-run tree surgeon business based in Wrexham, North Wales of 12 years’ standing, we are proud to work with trees of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need the size of a tree reducing, crown or fully removing, we can also offer hedge trimming, stump grinding and timber collection, not to mention source and supply firewood all year round.

Working with private, domestic clients to larger corporations, we have worked across the UK covering all sectors - from power lines to rail and construction site preparatory tree work. So, you can be assured that whatever your requirement, we have the knowledge and skills to complete the job to an exceptional standard.

In fact, we pride ourselves on just how many returning customers we continue to work with. We are so highly skilled within our sector, that we adhere to only the most stringent guidelines and each member of the team undergoes considerable training both on the ground and in the air, before they are able to operate single handed.

As one of the only tree surgery businesses in the UK with its own portable chainsaw mill, Treetech NW Ltd can produce milled timber up to 8ft wide and to the same length as the stem. And, of course, we can travel and mill the timber wherever it may be – sometimes saving the client from a large, logistical headache!

Our key climber is Shaine Bailey. Shaine has not only climbed and performed surgery on trees all over the UK, he has also seen the industry first-hand on the other side of the world, in Australia.

“From being a young teenager, I have always felt passionate about trees and arboriculture and to witness the tree surgery industry in Australia was fascinating. However, I am happy to continue working on native species here in North Wales and I love working with Ash, Beech, Oak and Yew,” says Shaine.

If you would like more information or a quote for a specific job you have in mind, please call Shaine or Naomi on 07759 128232 or complete the form on our contact us page and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

What we do at Treetech


Tree surgery is a large feature in the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs and other plants. This means that it is a professional practice within arboriculture. Arborists do not work with forests or large areas of plants, but continually focus on the health of individual trees and plants. More specifically, a tree surgeon is a horticultural engineer who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of trees. This often includes the climbing of trees to reach the area that needs attention.


Crown reduction is a process that involves reducing the size of a tree’s overall canopy. This can be achieved by pruning its branches evenly throughout the entire crown. Any broken or dangerous deadwood is removed and crossing branches are pruned. This minimises any chance of infections within the tree in the future.


Crown lifting is a process encompassing the removal of branches from lower parts of the trees crown. This lifts the overall height and allows more light to penetrate through the branches and reach the lower crown.


On some occasions, a tree surgeon will find that a tree may need removing completely. If the tree is large, or in a restricted area, the surgeon must climb the tree to dismantle it in sections. This ensures a safe, controlled and calculated fell.


Once a tree is removed, it is often required that the stump and roots are removed separately. A straightforward service can be used here, involving a stump grinding machine that destroys unwanted parts left in the ground. In other situations, the stump removal is not necessary, which means that it will be treated to ensure that re-growth does not occur.


Without fully reducing or lifting the crown, a tree’s branches often need removing. This is if they cross or have extended themselves over set boundaries. This process does not seek to remove large parts of the trees, but only the parts necessary, in order to ensure a healthy stability for the tree.

All about us 

Treetech N W Ltd

With over 12 years' experience, We are a tree surgeon company based in Wrexham, North Wales.

Since starting in this profession we have worked all over the country covering all sectors including power lines, rail and construction site tree work.  

From reductions, crown lifting to full removals we are able to cover all aspects of your tree work requirements. We also cover hedge trimming, stump grinding and timber collection. 

Dealing with both private and commercial clients the work is carried out to a very high standard, making sure all clients and customers are fully satisfied with all the work we complete.  


Don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quotation  

What sets us apart

To most people they do a job, to us we do a job we love and have a passion for. 


Our logs can be delivered or collected. Our logs are in ventilated bags and are stored to season for a long duration of time. 

Mainly using hardwood but we can also supply soft, they are split to a normal size fit for any burner. We do have customers who ask for them to be split larger due their custom built burners. 

Tree Work

Shaine is our main climber, With having over 7 years experience climbing there is nothing Shaine can't do. 

Shaine has been all around the world climbing trees from right here in UK to thousands of miles away in Australia. 

Chainsaw milling

Being one of only a few people in the UK to have a portable chainsaw mill, we are able to produce milled timber anywhere the client may like. 

We are able to produce milled timber up to 8 ft wide and how ever long the stem is. 


Treetech N W Ltd is a company registered in Wales. No 12372194