About Treetech N W Ltd

Tree management | Tree removal across North Wales, Wirral and Cheshire

We have over 12 years' experience, Treetech is the best tree surgeon specialists throughout North Wales, Chester and Wrexham.

Shaine Bailey, Owner & Managing Director

From a young age, Shaine helped to sort the wood for the fire at home.  As he entered into the engineering sector after leaving school, Shaine was made redundant twice in quick succession.  Looking for a new departure and career path, Shaine researched tree surgery – and has never looked back.

For almost 12 years, Shaine has led the Treetech NW Ltd team and enjoys every aspect of the job. Every day is different and challenging – especially due to the fact that tree surgery is a unique skill that very few possess.

Through attendance at Llysfasi College, Shaine completed numerous NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) qualifications.  The NPTC is the most widely recognised organisation within the tree industry and Shaine’s qualifications include:-

  • Tree climbing and aerial rescue
  • Felling and processing small trees
  • Cross cutting and maintenance of a chainsaw
  • Felling and processing large trees
  • Operating a chainsaw from rope and harness
  • Carrying out correct pruning techniques
  • Aerial tree rigging and groundsman rigging techniques
  • Safe operation of a woodchipper
  • Safe operation and maintenance of strimmers, mowers and hedgecutters
  • Manual application of pesticides through backpack sprayer

In his spare time, Shaine enjoys walking and hiking, fishing and even tries his hand at wood carving. Loving the outdoor life, Shaine used to help his father fix various cars, machines and chainsaws and he feels he picked up many skills by helping him in his younger days.

Lewis Edwards, Apprentice

As an apprentice with Treetech NW Ltd, Lewis chose the career of a tree surgeon as he thought it would be fun!  He began his apprenticeship with Coleg Cambria in 2021 and is due to finish in October 2022. 

As he is enjoying learning the trade that he is so passionate about, Lewis is also specialising in IV2 Land Based Engineering and IV2 Land and Wildlife Management.  He gains particular enjoyment from using the heavy machinery that is part of his new role with Treetech NW Ltd. 

When he is on the ground and enjoying time off, Lewis spends even more time in the great outdoors going on long walks with his dog.

What sets us apart

To most people they do a job, to us we do a job we love and have a passion for. 


Our logs can be delivered or collected. Our logs are in ventilated bags and are stored to season for a long duration of time. 

Mainly using hardwood but we can also supply soft, they are split to a normal size fit for any burner. We do have customers who ask for them to be split larger due their custom built burners. 

Tree Work

Shaine is our main climber, With having over 7 years experience climbing there is nothing Shaine can't do. 

Shaine has been all around the world climbing trees from right here in UK to thousands of miles away in Australia. 

Chainsaw milling

Being one of only a few people in the UK to have a portable chainsaw mill, we are able to produce milled timber anywhere the client may like. 

We are able to produce milled timber up to 8 ft wide and how ever long the stem is. 


Treetech N W Ltd is a company registered in Wales. No 12372194